Henricus Video Presentations


Virtual field trip of Henricus Historical Park by historian Dr. Edward L. Ayres
Video John Pagano and Nicole Pisaniello appearance on WRLH-TV (FOX) 11 (3/22/13)
Interpreters John Pagano and Nicole Pisaniello describe the upcoming Anniversary of March 22, 1622 Virginia Indian Offensive event.
video 1622 Opechancanough Powhatan Warrior
View one Powhatan's perspective for the March 22 offensive.
video 1622 Opechancough's Offensive - English colonists
Listen to the perspectives of real colonists that lived in the Henricus settlement before March 22, 1622
Interview Charlie Grant and John Pagano Appearance on Ch. 12 (9/26/11)
Hollywood is taking over a local park. The Colonial-era love story "To Have and To Hold" will be filmed at Henricus Historical Park next month.
Interview WCVE-FM (88.9) NPR About the 400th Anniversary of Henricus (9/19/11)
Henricus Historical Park commemorates the 1611 founding of the Citie of Henricus with the annual Publick Days.
Interview John Pagano Appearance on Ch. 6's Virginia This Morning (09/13/11)
Interpreter John Pagano is back with details on events throughout the year, specifically one this weekend that will celebrate the 400th anniversary of Henricus.
Interview WCVE-FM (88.9) NPR Story About Publick Days (8-29-11)
America's second -- and arguably more successful English Colony -celebrates its 400th Anniversary next month on the banks of the James River, just South of Richmond.
Documentary Henricus Historical Park Documentary - Short Version (6:15)
Video presentation featuring the history and significance of Henricus Historical Park, a living history museum located in Chester, Virginia.  Henricus Historical Park will commemorate its 400th anniversary in September 2011. 
Henricius Historical Park and the 400th commemoration Virgina Currents - Henricius Historical Park and the 400th Ccommemoration
November 2010 - The 2nd successful English settlement in the New World celebrates its 400th anniversary. Find out about this little known National treasure - Henricus Historical Park in Chester, VA.
Haunted Henricus Video John Pagano and Jennifer Lynn Appearance on Ch. 6's Virginia This Morning (10/18/10)
Interpreters John Pagano and Jennifer Lynn share what to expect at Henricus Historical Park's upcoming Haunted Henricus tours.
video John Pagano's Appearance on Ch. 6's Virginia This Morning (5/26/10)
Interpreter John Pagano gives us a preview of the historical re-enactment at Henricus Historical Park.
video Demonstration of a 1611 Matchlock Musket
Historical Interpreter John Pagano presents a detailed presentation and demonstration of DeGeyn's Manual of Arms for the early 17th century Matchlock Musket.
video Alice Proctor & the 1622 Uprising
March 22, 1622 - Opechancanough, the new leader of the Powhatan people, organized an attack on the English settlements along the James River.

video Harvesting Tobacco
Lindsay Gray, the Henricus Historical Park Agricultural Specialist, demonstrates the steps it takes to stem and hand the summer's tobacco crops and discusses the history of growing Virginia tobacco.
video School Matters