Mount Malady - The First Hospital

Mount MaladyMount Malady, the largest of our re-created buildings, represents the first English hospital or “guest-house” in the New World circa 1612-1613. The original had enough beds for eighty persons and was intended to care for colonists arriving at Henricus from England who needed a place to recover from the long two and a half month journey, as well as those ailing from life in the new community itself. The English were often afflicted with disease and death in the New World, and Mount Malady was built to care for these Mount Maladyafflicted settlers. Learn about the “Physick” garden of herbs just outside the front doors or enter the hospital and take “leisure” on one of the many available beds. Colonists were cared for by friends, family, and also the soldiers assigned to protect this hospital, which was kept remote from the settlement to prevent the spread of disease. Keep in mind that if you were in one of these beds in 1613, you would have had no real doctors to attend you!